PLATEAU is a real-time logistics network for auto carriers.

Big carriers have a lot cars to haul. Meanwhile, growing carriers are struggling to manage of dozens apps on their phone. Both want to cleanse their daily operations of superfluous paperwork, emails, faxes, and time wasted on the phone.

Our network allows carriers to collaborate with subhaulers on multi-car loads without the hassle of entering the same details in multiple systems, emailing paperwork, locating pictures, tracking signatures and entering claim information manually.

Simple Integration

Easily integrate your App or TMS to seamlessly assign a load to a subhauler on our network. Less paperwork, phone calls or inconsistent data.

Instant Dispatch Alerts

Speed up the communication pipeline with real-time subhauler tracking. Your dispatchers can stop chasing down pickup and delivery information.

One App.
Zero Worry.

Stop worrying about distributing your app to subhaulers. They can use their propriety app to push granular data to the primary's branded documents.

It's simple to get hooked up!

While many TMS systems are already TMS compliant, your IT staff can connect to our easy-to-use API to push and pull Plateau-compliant information.

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How it Works

Via the PLATEAU network, the primary carrier will receive, in REAL TIME, updates directly to their TMS, including pickup and delivery times, pictures and damage information. It works even when the subhauler already uses their own app.


Directly from your in-house TMS solution, dispatch a load to a subhauler through the PLATEAU network. That's it. Your part is done!

Accept the load in the PLATEAU portal, or for higher volume relationships, configure your PLATEAU account to auto-accept loads. Uses the primary carrier's mobile app OR your own. It's that simple.

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